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Magic RFID Wallet

$40.00 USD $36.00 USD


  • Stylish RFID Blocked Wallet (Radio-Frequency Identification)
  • Embossed Italian calfskin leather
  • Protect your license, credit and debit cards' Radio Chip from digital hijackers
  • Thin alloy matrix fused between the leather 
  • Size: 4"W x 5.25"H x 3/8" Thick
  • Produced following fair trade principles

How to use: Simply insert cash in the middle of the wallet and close it. Next, flip it over, and, like magic, the cash is secured instantly under taut and durable elastic straps.

Artisan Country: Thailand



Würkin Stiffs produces their fine men's leather products in a small family owned factory in Thailand. Employing both men and women, their pay is equal and dependent upon performance and degree of skill. Many of their longest and most skilled artisans are women. In fact, the entire production is run by a woman who has been working for the company for over 25yrs. For the health and safety of the artisans, their workplace is outfitted with air conditioning and HEPA filters, and features ergonomic tables and chairs for their comfort and well-being. Free basic education of twelve years and universal health care are provided through the Thailand's socialist government. Würkin Stiffs practices social responsibility through their involvement with the U.S. based nonprofit Career Gear, which provides professional clothing, mentoring and life-skills to help men in poverty become stronger contributors to their families and communities.