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Mkuki Brass & Gold Earrings

Mkuki Brass & Gold Earrings

$25.00 USD


  • Spear-shaped earrings
  • Inspired by the Maasai tribe of Kenya
  • Hand-cut and hammered recycled brass sheets
  • 14 karat fair trade gold earring hooks from India
  • Measures 2” long in total
  • Produced following fair trade principles

Artisan Country: Kenya


Acacia’s workshop is located in Nairobi, Kenya where they have been making fun, ethical, jewelry since October 2007. They currently employ 20 women and men, making the one-of-a-kind pieces you see here.

In keeping with fair trade practices, each of their employees is paid a monthly salary IN ADDITION TO receiving a percentage of each sale. What that means:

At the end of every month the artisans of Acacia Creations receive their regular monthly salary. (It’s standard practice in Kenya to pay an entire month’s salary in one single payment at the end of the month).

Throughout the course of a month, their workers are also paid a certain amount for every single piece of jewelry they make. In other words, they receive a percentage of the sale of that item before it’s even sold! Depending on the item, they earn between 5 and 15% of the item’s wholesale price. This ensures that their workers are paid throughout the month.

In all, Acacia’s workers earn a wage 5 times higher than the national average in Kenya!! Acacia Creations also covers most medical costs for their employees and their families.

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