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Sea Green

Carved Horn Mondrian Bangle

$39.00 USD $9.00 USD


  • Unique pattern of geometric shapes

  • Painted inside in bright colors

  • Horn's natural finish on outside

  • Handcarved from upcycled bullhorn, discarded by local stockyards

  • Sizes S/M fits between 6.0"-6.3" diameter wrist, and M/L fits between 6.4"- 6.7" diameter.*

  • Due to the properties of our natural materials, please avoid exposure to water

  • Produced following fair trade principles

* Order a size up if borderline, or if your hand is comparatively large to your wrist size.


Artisan Country: Vietnam


What initially began as a Masters’ thesis for Amanda Judge eventually grew into what is now known as the Faire Collection. Beginning in 2008 with artisans in Ecuador, Faire collection has expanded its operations into Vietnam, Peru and Swaziland, now employing 225 artisans. Their holistic training programs help ensure the artisans are on a well-footed path to prosperity. Trainings have included: financial management, accounting, computer literacy, management, health and nutrition, conflict resolution, gender and diversity, family planning, recycling and energy efficiency.  They also provide no interest loans to their artisans and have an academic scholarship program that is available to their artisans, their families and select members of the extended community.

All of the jewelry we carry that is composed of rainforest materials such as Tagua, Acaí and Pambil comes from the workshops of Nancy and Carlos, Christian and Viviana in Ecuador.  The horn jewelry comes from Binh’s workshop from a small traditional village in Vietnam. All are using handicraft traditions that have been passed down to them by their ancestors.