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Ornate Barrel Pendant Necklace
Ornate Barrel Pendant Necklace

Ornate Barrel Pendant Necklace

$68.00 USD $48.00 USD


  • Long double beaded strands
  • Beads vary in size and shape, adding interest
  • Made from upcycled artillery shells
  • Ornate barrel pendant has intricate design
  • Barrel ¾” in diameter plus 3/4” conical shaped fringe
  • Length approximately 30” plus barrel
  • Designed to wear long, no clasp
  • Lightweight statement necklace
  • Produced following fair trade principles

Artisan Country:  Ethiopia


Entoto Beth Artisan, founded by Bethlehem Berhane as a social business, is dedicated to restoring the HIV/AIDS affected community on Entoto Mountain in Ethiopia. Through their partnering NGO Beza Entoto Outreach they provide fair-wage employment to over one hundred HIV infected women. They create unique hand-crafted jewelry pieces using local materials such as recycled tire thread, reused artillery shells in their metal beads and even coated Ethiopian coffee beans.Bethlehem’s goal for these women is to be impacted so greatly by this exposure that they, in turn, create opportunities just like this to empower others less fortunate than themselves.