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Organic Cotton Panda Sweater
Organic Cotton Panda Sweater
Organic Cotton Panda Sweater

Organic Cotton Panda Sweater

$50.00 USD $25.00 USD


  • 100% Organic cotton grown in Uganda, spun & knitted in Nairobi
  • Bio friendly dyes
  • Hand-knit with love, & a sense of fun 
  • Produced following fair trade principles
Artisan Country: Kenya


Founded by Erin Brennan Allan, Toto Knits is a line of organic cotton knitwear, ethically made by a group of single mothers in Kenya. Though originally from San Francisco, Erin left her home of grandeur in New York for 16 months in Nairobi Africa, fundraising for a school of children with special needs. Now 9 years later Erin is still in Nairobi, married with two children of her own, and living the life of a post-colonial wife with no housework.

Toto knits products are all made by hand and signed by the knitter. Working with Mary Wambui who oversees the knitters, Erin provides fun and funky designs that excite both children and adults. The knitters are paid by the piece, which allows them to work as much or little as they like while providing the opportunity to put their families first.

Starting Toto Knits from the ground-up was not an easy task, but according to Erin, the benefits far outweigh what she has given up in order to find purpose, and her family in a third world country.