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Peppermint Chocolate Bar with Lavender Infusion

Peppermint Chocolate Bar with Lavender Infusion

$8.00 USD


  • Refreshing peppermint with soothing lavender helps to promote deep sleep
  • Dark chocolate: 70% Cacao
  • Lavender helps balance – Vata element in Ayurvedic terms
  • Cacao is ethically produced in and sourced from Peru
  • Honey is extracted with love from the bee in New Jersey
  • No dairy, no refined sugar, no soy, no preservatives or emulsifiers
  • 2 oz. bar
  • Ingredients: Organic Raw Cacao Butter (Peruvian Criollo), Raw Honey, Organic Raw Cacao Powder, Peppermint Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Organic Lavender Flowers, Himalayan Sea Salt
  • Produced following fair trade principles

Artisan crafted in the U.S.A.


Founded by former Wall Street trader Alak Vasa, Elements Truffles blends the spiritual and life science elements of Ayurveda into every micro batch of their fine chocolates. Their artisan chocolates are made from organic, raw chocolate, free from dairy, GMOs and any artificial flavors. They are infused with Ayurvedic super foods such as Turmeric, Cardamom, Beet Root, and Lavender. According to Ayurvedic principles, the body is made up of 5 elements—Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. Ayurvedic superfoods help balance these elements bringing about a sense of happiness and peace.

Their chocolate is made from the finest quality fair trade Criollo cocoa beans from Peru. The honey used to sweeten their chocolates is extracted ethically from hard working local honeybees in New Jersey, where Elements Truffles products are produced in small batches.

Elements Truffles takes giving back to their community very seriously. Each team member invests at least 5 hours per week doing community service, plus 25% of their profits go towards supporting wholesome education of under-privileged children in tribal areas of India.