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Silver and Copper Pendant
Silver and Copper Pendant
Silver and Copper Pendant
Silver and Copper Pendant

Silver and Copper Pendant

$115.00 USD $80.00 USD


  • Etched silver pendant
  • Silver & copper accent beads
  • Doubled copper chain
  • Handmade in Tiznit, silver capital of Morocco
  • Lightweight
  • Length18”- 20” adjustable
  • Pendant measures 1” plus accent beads
  • Produced following fair trade principles 

Artisan Country: Morocco


Mushmina was founded by sisters Heather and Katie O’Neill, with the mission of creating fair trade products with cultural integrity and soul. Their combined backgrounds include Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees, a Masters Degree in Global Affairs, small business advisor for the Peace Corps in Morocco, and visual merchandising for fashion retailer H & M. With 14 years of experience in the retail industry Katie serves as Mushmina's creative and retail visionary. Katie and Heather provide employment opportunities for artisans, both women and men throughout workshops and small businesses in Morocco, with specialties in metal-smithing, leather-working and textile production. Each artisan is empowered by contributing in their own ways to the creative process in this global exchange.

Heather lives outside of Casablanca with her husband, and Katie currently resides in north Philadelphia, PA.