Simple Triple Wrap Bracelet

by: Haiti's Jewels

  • Unisex, eye-catching, eco-friendly
  • Soft leather, turquoise, sterling silver and carved wooden beads
  • Rustic, recycled aluminum button closure
  • Adjustable sizing, closure at 21” 22” and 23” in length 
  • OK to get wet 
  • Produced following fair trade principles

Country: Haiti

Haiti’s Jewels, a social enterprise founded by Sophie Wiseman-Floyd, partners with Haitian artists to design, produce, and sell beautiful jewelry made of recycled materials and local Haitian products.

As Haitians develop professional artisan skills, they are able to buy land, provide food, shelter, and an education for their children, plan weddings, pay for medical care, start other businesses, support their local economy, and be a blessing to their community. When you give ONE Haitian a job you are most likely supporting between 10-15 other people.

When you buy Haiti’s Jewels, you are not only becoming the owner of unique art, but you are furthering a culture of sustainable, social entrepreneurship.

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