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18-Strand Glass Beaded Bracelet

$32.00 USD $15.00 USD


  • Elegant, lightweight
  • 18 strands of Japanese and European glass beads
  • Connected with sleek magnetic closure
  • Produced following fair trade principles
Artisan Country: Nepal


It was 1993 when Damian Jones first got the idea of starting a business. After volunteering in Nepal with the Peace Corps, Damian wanted to give back to all the “wonderful people” he had met; he did this by forming Aid Through Trade, an ethical fashion design company going beyond the standard principles of fair trade and sustainability. As a founding member of both the Fair Trade Federation and Co-Op America, Aid Through Trade truly puts its artisans first, offering a unique work-from-home program. Damian has brought together this Nepali women’s artisan group to create beautiful handmade glass-beaded bracelets. Beaded jewelry has been a part of Nepali culture for centuries, and, combined with a gold ornament called tilouri, is a symbol of marriage. These women artisans are given the opportunity to embrace their own culture, all the while supporting themselves and their families. Aid Through Trade’s bracelets, made with only the highest quality glass beads from Japan, Czech Republic, and Germany, have been nationally recognized, and featured in Sports Illustrated Magazine. By combining stunning western designs with age-old eastern workmanship, Aid Through Trade gives its customers the best of both worlds.

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