Tagua Trio Earrings

by: Encanto

A trio of Tagua petals, in avocado, orange and grass. Striking simplicity. Stainless Steel earring hooks.

Encanto Tagua is dyed with a biodegradable tincture that is used to also dye cotton and linen; these colors will not bleed or fade. Produced following fair trade principles.

Country: Columbia

Monica Farbiarz was raised primarily in Columbia, then Israel. As a dancer, musician and performing artist she has called France, Columbia, Mexico, and the United States her home. It was a trip back to her roots in Columbia, during 2006 that pushed Monica’s life towards a different path.

She happened upon a workplace whose handicrafts were made of Tagua, (pronounced: Ta qwa or Tah gwa), otherwise known as vegetable ivory. Curious as to whether these would sell back here in the U.S., Monica brought back a selection, and began supplementing her income selling Tagua jewelry.

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