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Wild Olive Wood Salad Bowls
Wild Olive Wood Salad Bowls
Wild Olive Wood Salad Bowls

Wild Olive Wood Salad Bowls

$46.00 USD


    • Beautifully grained wild olive wood
    • Each bowl has unique wood grain pattern
    • Hand carved by master craftsman
    • Approximate sizes: small 9"D x 3.5"H, medium 11"D x 4"H, large 13"D x 3.5"H, x-large 15"D x 4.5"H
    • Care:  Wipe clean with damp cloth, air dry. Suggest rubbing a small amount of mineral oil into this item periodically to prevent absorption of food odors and ease cleaning, as well as maintain the integrity of the wood. 
    • Produced following fair trade principles

  • Sizes sold separately. Dimensions may vary slightly due to their artisanal nature

Artisan Country: Kenya


The artisans of Swahili are located throughout Africa. Michael Zigani and his team are based in Burkina Faso, in West Africa. Handicapped from the waist down and living without any use of his legs, Michael admirably still supports his entire family by designing handcrafted beautiful leather bags. Michael’s smile, creativity and craftsmanship are brilliant. Michael works hard as the lead designer of the vibrant leather handbags he makes with the help of his artisan friends.

Much bone crafting occurs in Nairobi’s Kibera slum. In spite of the high population concentration, poverty and sanitation concerns, many individuals work hard to use their own creativity to elevate their families from the slum. The money earned from crafting discarded bones from nearby butchers and restaurants, allows parents to pay school fees, feed their families and pay rent.

The olive wood is crafted from Kenyan government managed forests. The Akamba artisans inhabit the Machakos region about 75 miles East of Nairobi, Kenya, exhibit great carving skills, and work together in small cooperative groups. The income earned from carving is applied to school fees, clothing, savings and health care.